to a world where Gods and the mystical are part of the every day. A world where anything and everything is possible…if you have the ability to take what you want.

Fortunately, you do. As the Protectors of Creation, you are only second to the Gods, and even that is questionable.

In the Realm, the only slightly questioned authority of all Creation, the War of Succession may in fact come to that, an all out war. The Roseblack and Mnemon, the two greatest candidates for the throne, are getting restless. Their armies and supporters are becoming greater by the day, never out doing the other enough to allow full escalation. For you, this is a big problem. Why is that? Well, wouldn’t you want a say in who becomes the Emperor of the Realm, the single most powerful person on Creation? If they owed you a favor, or were even loyal to you…lets just say it’d be an advantage.

Though, nothing is ever as simple as that. These are powerful people in dangerous times, the Time of Tumult is growing ever more so tumultuous by the day. Rumors of strange happenings run rampant, the geomancy of Creation is being messed with, nations grow restless with each other and something about all of this just seems…off.

You have been recruited into the Cult of the Illuminated, these people have gathered Solars from across creation, calling you the Illuminated, the ones that they believe will save Creation from the Darkness that is brewing. In addition, Fate has seemed to have conspired, not against you for once, and brought your First Age Circle back together under the Cult of the Illuminated, perhaps your Exaltations were simply drawn to this place and these people? Or perhaps a greater design is at hand.

You and your Circle have the power ease tensions, suffering, or even a throne or two out from under dangerous opposition. What will do you? How will you, and your Circle, make your mark on Creation?

The Longest Shadow

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